Sinch unifies communication with InfraCom & Microsoft Teams

Sinch (formerly  CLX) was founded already in 2008 and has since then grown significantly and today consists more than 3000 employees and has offices in a total of 47 countries. Sinch provides services, technology and platforms in communication primarily for SMS, but also for voice and video.

Global customers, users and recipients worldwide

8 of the 10 largest tech companies in the US uses Sinch’s services, and you as a reader have certainly benefited from them even when you have received login credentials, delivery messages or other necessary information sent to you via SMS!
Today, Sinch SMS services can be used virtually all over the world.
In combination with this, Sinch offers user-friendly platforms, where customers can tailor their SMS & text messages themselves in cases where they contain, for example, marketing material, advertising or other information that they want to reach out to their clients.
Today, Sinch’s services has about 145 trillion activities per year!

Future communication – OTT Messaging Apps

Sinch also sees a hefty increase in users of OTT (Over-The-Top) Messaging Apps. These can be apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or Instagram for example. Sinch’s technology can be integrated even with this type of messaging application, and also combined with smart chat & AI bots.

Total solution for unified communication within Microsoft Teams

When Sinch was up to review the phone system for the support department in Sweden, the choice eventually fell on InfraCom and the ability to integrate the phone system into Microsoft Teams.

”We looked at a few different suppliers, but the choice fell to InfraCom, as we already used Teams in our everyday work and were able to fully integrate our phone system into Teams. The ambition was to be available wherever we are, with a scalability in the solution as we want to easily add more users. It should also not matter if we have a team in another country that needs access to the service. We got all this with InfraCom,” says Douglas Richardson, Sinch.

Today, InfraCom delivers the phone system, fully integrated into Microsoft Teams combined with PBX and unified communication to Sinch, both in Sweden and internationally.

”The contact with InfraCom has worked well and if you want to unify your communication solution into one single platform, this is a very good solution, as it scales well and provides simplicity for users. When we need help, InfraCom has been quick and responsive, we have received clear messages and the support has worked very well,” concludes Douglas Richardson.

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