InfraCom digitizes corporate communications at global logistics company HAVI

Old, analog and expensive PBX solutions as well as limitations with physical offices are now only a memory for HAVI in Italy and Spain. In 2020, with the help of InfraCom and Microsoft Teams, they were able to implement their own flexible switching and Teams solutions that suited their departmental and country needs.

HAVI is a global logistics company within the restaurant and food industry. Among other things, they deliver food to the world’s largest restaurant chains as well as offering order processing and warehousing solutions. The customer base is large and every week HAVI receives 65,000 logistics inquiries from around Europe with the largest countries being Russia, Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain. In order for the logistics chain’s daily contact with customers to function seamlessly and across borders, HAVI places high demands on its corporate communication via their IT and telephone solutions. The high demand on functionality and flexibility meant that in 2020 they faced a major challenge – a digitalisation journey in the middle of a pandemic. The demands and desire for a stable, flexible and modern collaboration platform led them on a journey together with InfraCom and Microsoft Teams.


HAVI in Italy and Spain is at the forefront of international telephone solutions via Teams

Until Autumn 2020, HAVI used an old telephone exchange solution that was connected to, among other things, Italy’s analogue telephone network, which incurred high telecoms charges. In addition, serveral suppliers were involved in providing and the system. High costs and an unclear roadmap for the future were not the only problems that affected Havi. They also had difficulties in troubleshooting the old exchange solution via the analogue telephone network. If the customers did not show up on the number display when they called, it was difficult for HAVI to know with which supplier the fault lay with. This was one of the considerations they faced with the challenge of switching from a traditional on-premise network to a cloud solution. The fact that the pandemic hit Italy with full force in Spring 2020 meant that HAVI needed to restructure its operations – and quickly. HAVI’s employees rapidly had to change from working in their offices to working remotely. In order not to lose daily support to their customers, it was important to be able to offer the employees a flexible cloud solution. While a change in telephone solution and collaboration was necessary, it was difficult for Havi to find the right solution – until they were recommended to look at InfraCom and Microsoft Teams.

We saw an accelerating situation with the pandemic that required us to work remotely.Having InfraCom as a telephone solutions partner throughout the Group will create synergy.We have had different telephone solutions in different countries and in Spain we have had our solution since 1995. What we do in Italy and Spain now will inspire our other departments in other countries to do the same.Having a unified solution nationwide across the company creates new opportunities for the support we can offer our customers, says Maar Muriel, HAVI’s IT manager in Spain.
Maar Muriel
HAVI’s IT manager in Spain

Fast implementation of Microsoft Teams and InFinity

The first location to upgrade the obsolete equipment from 1999 was HAVI’s office in Italy. InfraCom delivered a tailor-made, complete solution. HAVI now has only one supplier for its telephone solution, which is also integrated into Microsoft Teams. In addition, everything has been migrated into an optimal Teams solution. This is a big advantage for HAVI, as they wanted to unite their communications and entire company onto a single platform – Microsoft Teams.

We wanted the telephone solution with InFinity and Teams to be quickly implemented into the business. InfraCom carried out the implementation very quickly and smoothly. We started implementing Microsoft Teams and InFinity in December 2020. In one month, our delivery department was fully integrated and 50-60 users migrated in one week which is something you could never expect with traditional equipment, says Alberto Finelli from HAVI in Italy.

The benefits of HAVI’s new cloud-based exchange and corporate communications:

  • A clearer picture of costs
  • A changed and more flexible way of working among employees.
  • The business can work in a new and efficient way.
  • Easier to troubleshoot if something stops working.
  • Unified communication on a single platform.
  • No longer limited to physical offices.
  • One supplier for their business communications.
  • Constant updates with new features that suit the business.
  • Rapid implementation of InFinity and Microsoft Teams into the business.
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