A complete solution for telephony with very short response times for Dugga!

Dugga assessment started as a research project at Stockholm School of Economics, with the goal to develop a total solution platform for all types of assessment, secure and easy to use.
It has been developed by teachers, for teachers.
Today, the platform from Dugga is used world-wide by education organizations!

Dugga believes that no one’s grade should be influenced by his or hers last name, skin color, gender or in-class behaviour. No one with special needs should have less opportunities to learn and grow.
Dugga makes this possible by combining pedagogy and modern technology. 

The platform from Dugga gives both support in reading comprehension and homework tests.
Everything is today in the cloud of Microsoft Azure, which creates a secure platform in the cloud with easiness and entirety as a result.
Dugga’s education platform facilitates for both teachers and pupils, but also makes tests correct and fair, as correction can be made anonymously if necessary.

Digital assessment is becoming the norm both in-class and remote.
With the pandemic covid-19 in mind, Dugga has made it possible to educate remotely world-wide for a lot of organizations.
Recently, Dugga was awarded the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year award in the category of Education during the year of 2020.

From now on, Dugga also communicates with their customers with a total solution for phone and PBX integrated with Microsoft Teams, distributed and delivered by InfraCom.
– In the past we had a solution with mixed phone operators and our PBX was also not integrated with our mobile phones. We did already use Microsoft Teams for internal communication, and realized that we could have benefits from integrating all our communication into one single platform, says Ola Sannerholm, Regional Sales Manager, Dugga.

Ola Sannerholm
Regional Sales Manager, Dugga.com

The search for a new communication solution was on going when InfraCom was mentioned as an option from contacts with Microsoft.
– We wanted to find a solution that was flexible. Our organization is in a phase of growth at the moment, and with the Microsoft Teams PBX solution InfraCom presented, we saw a lot of features that we could have advantage of, both now and in the future.
We decided to implement InfraCom’s PBX solution for Voice and PBX in Microsoft Teams, and the result has been a solution with scalability and great functionality for a reasonable price.

– A trustful relation to our supplier combined with quick service and help when it’s needed is important for us. InfraCom has been quick and agile as soon as we’ve been in need of assistance or help. The result of our new solution is that we have one partner for all our communication needs, and today our customers can get in contact with us on an average waiting time of 9 seconds!

Ola Sannerholm
Regional Sales Manager, Dugga.com

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